Exhibition Exhibition: Picture Politics

Picture Politics - Illustration by Lars Jakobsen © Lars Jakobsen

Wed, 02.06.2021 -
Wed, 30.06.2021

Goethe-Institut Glasgow

Picture Politics is an exhibition featuring comic artists from various European countries. Originally conceived during the refugee crisis, "Picture Politics" has lost none of its topicality in the wake of isolationism, resurgent nationalism, populism and xenophobia. We look back and ask ourselves how it can be that the comics are as topical as they were 5 years ago. 

In 22 pictures, cartoonists and illustrators show how they comment on the fears, myths and prejudices published in the media. What can we learn from people's fears? How can we counteract or alleviate them? The Corona crisis has changed the fears as well as the political landscape, and the European discourse on populism has taken new forms. Civil society is coming to the fore and only through its intervention can the influence of populist movements be minimized. The easily accessible comic format captivates with strong images and memorable texts. It is suitable for conveying clear but not simplistic messages.  At the end of 2016, various Goethe-Instituts began exchanges between artists and cartoonists from Germany and their respective host countries to promote a multi-voiced, open discourse - ultimately addressing the question of how to shape the future in our societies.

As this reaches its conclusion, an online discussion will be organized which will kick off our online discussion series Talk At It. Talk At It will present various aspects of civil society and discuss current issues. The next event will focus on the topic of the exhibition, populism. Dates will be announced over the next few weeks. 

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