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Cooperative Market opens at Goethe-Institut

Cooperative Market opens at Goethe-Institut
© Goethe-Institut Ghana

​A market in the midst of serene gardens and friendly vendors

by John Owoo

A cooperative market that aims at providing local entrepreneurs with a curated space that offer fair vendor conditions opened last week at the Goethe-Institut in Accra.

Retailers were carefully selected to ensure diversity of products while preventing internal competition, guaranteeing easy navigation by customers and making available a wide variety of products and services.

With an eclectic fusion of products that ranged from locally produced crafts, clothes, cosmetics, beverages, foodstuff and old books, the organizers limited the number of vendors to ensure adequate space for traders and customers while enforcing Covid 19 protocols.

“It is a varied collection of products, books and a wonderful selection of local food and snacks – indeed, very few patrons will go away empty handed from this lively, fun and tempting collection of goodies”, said Maaike Bleeker, a teacher from The Netherlands.

  • Cooperative Market opens at Goethe-Institut © Goethe-Institut Ghana
  • Cooperative Market opens at Goethe-Institut © Goethe-Institut Ghana
  • Cooperative Market opens at Goethe-Institut © Goethe-Institut Ghana

“The cooperative market, which will be periodic, equally aims at creating an effective waste management strategy by ensuring the use of plastics that can be recycled in Ghana while educating members on the need to protect the environment at all times”, added Sarah Kunkel, one of the organizers.

Items that were on sale include jewelry, bags sewn from local fabrics, prêt-à-porter clothes, collectibles, healthy fruit drinks, food from organic vegetables, local coffee, cakes, almond drinks, sculptures, mushroom khebabs, salads, bio-degradable food containers, straws and cups.

With stalls laid out in an orderly grid, patrons enjoyed the rather cool atmosphere and friendly nature of the premises of the Institut, which is noted for its lush gardens and serene ambiance.

Tagay, a group of musicians comprising Filipinos living in Accra entertained the vendors and patrons with cool music while Ghanaian drummer / choreographer Frank Sam engaged kids with basic drumming lessons.

Watch out for the next Coop Market at the Goethe-Institut.