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Call for Applications

We are looking for young professionals to join us on this promising journey from business to music, Europe to Africa.

Applicants must: 

  • be under 31 years of age (at the time of application)
  • have a passport (valid until June 2018)
  • submit the questionnaire on this website
  • have a background in the music industry (either as artists, journalists, PR-professionals, marketing professionals, publishers, promoters or label owners)

Thank you very much for your applications.
We are now choosing the participants and will get back to you within this week.

We are extending the deadline for applications from UK residents only. You must apply until September, 20th, 2017. Meals and activities outside the programme will have to be covered by the participants themselves.

The Project

Buzz meets Biz: An international workshop programme focused on music, business and entrepreneurship

Getting a foothold in the music business is tough and new economic models have not made navigating the market any easier. So if you are a young and aspiring professional in the music business, working in Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom or Ghana, this programme is for you: We want to empower up to 12 young professionals from each of these countries in a workshop series focused on creating and marketing music, either through creating their own label or professionalising their existing businesses. In doing so, we want to create a network of artists and professionals that share a goal of making a living from their creative endeavours. 

The participants of the programme will be sent onto three different workshops, where they will develop and enhance skills crucial in their industry. 

Mobility 1

Berlin, 11. - 19. October 2017
Entrepreneurship and Economics

The programme’s first workshop will offer insights into the business end of music: How to create revenues, deal with licensing and copyright issues, set up a distribution network and navigate the live music business. We want to identify what a single entrepreneur can do and when enlisting the support of a network makes most sense. Of course, there will also be a chance to dive into the local music scene and gain a deeper understanding of Berlin’s and Germany’s music markets.


Mobility 2

Madrid, 20. - 28. October 2017
Business Development

The second workshop picks up where the first left off: Developing and implementing a marketing architecture, developing and maintaining press relations. Everything a young entrepreneur needs to foster and grow his business. It goes without saying that a glimpse into Madrid’s vibrant music scene will also be part of the programme.


Mobility 3

Accra, 18. - 30. November 2017
Creation and Music

The final workshop will focus on the music itself. Nurturing a creative environment, and the nuts and bolts of creating music: sound engineering and performance. And with music already the focus of the workshop, it will also provide an insight into Ghana’s emerging music scene.


Application Process

Applications will be screened by a committee from the organising institutions and applicants will be notified of their selection as quickly as possible. Applicants who can participate at all three workshops will be favoured. The organisers will provide accommodation and flights to and from the mobilities. Participants will have to cover all expenses outside the official programmes themselves.

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