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Buzz meets Biz

An international workshop programme focused on music, business and entrepreneurship

Foto: Perpetual YankeyPhoto: Valerie Siba Rousparast

What's buzzing?

Getting a foothold in the music business is tough. New economic models have not made navigating the market any easier. Buzz meets Biz empowers 37 young professionals from Germany, Spain, UK and Ghana in a workshop series focused on creating and marketing music, either through creating their own label or professionalising their existing businesses.

Artists are driving actors in the creative sector but they are often not familiar with legal, market, let alone entrepreneurship issues. At the same time they show positive attitudes towards autonomous and self-responsible acting, which complies with artistic mind sets. Entrepreneurship entails creativity as well, it is not contradictory to the artist’s work. Hence not only few artists display readiness to take up initiative and to build competencies, fostering their own standing.

The participants of the programme are sent onto three different workshops, where they will develop and enhance skills crucial in their industry and create a network of artists and professionals as it is the aim of all ERASMUS+ activities.

The overall aim of this project is to build up capacity of young artists, creative workers and multipliers in Europe and in Ghana in order to strengthen their market position and standing vis-à-vis the established operators of the value generation scheme, key figures in the music industry, producers and providers of marketing platforms.
Understandably, the objectives and outcomes expected cannot be reached by single beneficiary-group focused measures. As the creative artists do not act in isolated environment, the other co-agents, and diverse stakeholders of the value generation chain and not least policy-makers will be addressed with interventions for sensitisation, commitment to change and to safeguard improvements. Therefore we have included all of them into this project.

The project is organised by a consortium of different institutions under the lead of the Goethe-Institut Ghana and co-funded by ERASMUS+


  • Buzz meeets Biz: Berlin Photo: Valerie Siba Rousparast
  • Buzz meets Biz: Berlin Photo: Valerie Siba Rousparast
  • Buzz meets Biz: Berlin Photo: Valerie Siba Rousparast
  • Buzz meets Biz: Berlin Photo: Valerie Siba Rousparast

While the Berlin Workshop is sadly over already, participants have already moved on to the next European location... Watch this space!



  • Alexander Wondergem

    Foto: John Owoo

    The workshops have been insightful – undeniably it makes me question the music industry in Ghana. I have realized I do have a lot to learn since I have plans to take my music to the world scene.

    Alexander Wondergem, Ghana


EU Erasmus Programme

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