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Berlin | Business Models and Music Law
The kids are taking over

Buzz meets Biz: Berlin
Photo: John Owoo

In the studio of Acud Macht Neu, a creative space and art collective based in Berlin, the Buzz Meets Biz workshop from 11 till 18 October brings together young musicians, promoters, label owners, journalists, bloggers and marketing professionals from several different contemporary pop scenes ranging from indie, rap, R&B and soul to classical music. 

The first edition, as well as the other two upcoming parts of the workshop series, aim to empower young professionals working in- and outside the music industry from Germany, Ghana, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The Berlin edition covers a broad range of topics consisting of at least two sessions a day with well-known speakers from the industry. Speakers include the director of Boiler Room Germany Michail Stangl, the co-founder of CTM festival Jan Rohlf, Andy Inglis, the manager of Mercury Prize-nominated artist William Doyle, and many more music business experts.

The theme of Buzz Meets Biz derives from the struggle young music professionals face today between genuinely making music for music’s sake and understanding the artist as a business person at the same time. Besides the focus on music law, music business and entrepreneurship, questions of mental health and new technologies are being posed by speakers and participants. During the breaks and evenings, programme participants are able to network, getting to know Berlin’s most exciting underground clubs and meeting key players in the scene.

Organisers of the Buzz Meets Biz Berlin are Andrea Goetzke and Sebastian Hoffmann of Music Pool Berlin in cooperation with: iRights, Fundación SGAE, Cooperación Española, Africori, Goethe-Institut and the Alliance Française Accra. The programme is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and Goethe-Institut Ghana.