A three-day Workshop
Heritage in Perspective

Heritage in Perspective
© Courtesy of Information Services Department, Ghana

This 3-day workshop, the first in an intended workshop series in 2020/21, aims at creating a mutual forum for key practitioners in the field of cultural heritage in Ghana and bringing them together to jointly “map” important heritage collections in the country.

As digitization of musical heritage and other audio recorded sources (eg. historical speeches) has come a long way in Ghana over the last 10 years, mainly in digitization efforts at the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation but also in other institutions, the current task is to create an outlook for future accessibility and public benefit.
The workshop also aims at linking practice and academic discourse on cultural heritage in important fields as heritage preservation and sustainability, recirculation/return, politics of heritage, heritage and art, in order to create synergies in the work on safeguarding, accessibility, and reproduction of cultural heritage for social and cultural development.
Guests from institutions outside Ghana, South Africa and Nigeria, involved in similar endeavours, will join us for the workshop. The workshop includes a film screening as well as a “heritage concert.”

Call for Participants
Interested people should kindly send a mail to culture-accra@goethe.de  and provide reasons for their intention to participate.

Deadline – February 28, 2020