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Jamming the Lockdown

Jamming The Lockdown
© Goethe-Institut Ghana

Owing to the Covid 19 pandemic, the world is currently facing a dramatic situation which has forced most artistic events to be online. With several cultural events cancelled or postponed, some artists managed to remain creative under the lockdown. Consequently, Goethe-Institut Ghana presents Jamming The Lockdown, which will showcase on a weekly basis, videos of artistic creations by musicians, dancers, poets, writers and visual artists during the three-week partial lockdown in Ghana

Dr. Bernard Akoi-Jackson

Naa Obeye

Abigail Sena Atsugah

Dr Martin Egblewogbe


Ibrahim Mahama


Va-Bene Elikem Kofi Fiatsi (crazinisT artisT)

Dela Botri