Savvas Metaxas

Savvas Metaxas
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Savvas Metaxas is a musician and sound artist who works in the fields of experimental music, field recordings, and modular synthesis.
His music has been released in multiple labels such as the Granny Records, Orila, Glistening Examples, More Mars, Cronica, Phinery, Galaverna, Coherent States, Falt and he has performed in numerous concerts hosted in experimental art spaces, museums, galleries and venues. His latest album, entitled “SVL” has been released in 2020 from the Neologist Productions label.
In 2008 he co-founded Granny Records, focusing on publishing works by contemporary electronic musicians, moving in the range of free improvisation, noise, electroacoustic composition and contemporary electronica.
His other works contain the creation and composition of sound for installations and site- specific performances as well as for short movies. He has also carried out workshops for highschool students.

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