What Are Our „Commons“?

Sat, 10.07.2021

10:30 - 21:00


From Theory to Practice

A COMMONS Action Day in the Fokionos Negri Pedestrian Zone

Owing to the current pandemic and the sociopolitical changes it has wrought, we have recently found ourselves in a very special situation: on the one hand, we have witnessed increasing efforts to seal off public space, while, on the other, we have seen urbanites visibly making their presence felt as they start to lay claim to the city’s open spaces in an attempt to create a new form of sociality. The stillness of the urban landscape during lockdown and countless forays into every corner of Athens have shown the city in a different light and revealed a new mode of living that has the potential to recalibrate our values and ways of behaving.
The idea behind this event is to shed light on the opportunities and dangers coming out of this unprecedented crisis and to relate these new circumstances to the questions, practices, and demands of the commons movement in all its different manifestations.
Taking as our starting point some some linguistic play with the term “commons”, we will seek to familiarise ourselves with the projects and groups operating in the city, get a better sense of their ideas and practices, and imagine new forms of radical social change and new ways in which public space can be appropriated.
The commons is in the first place nothing more than an ideal dynamic, an intention, a will to create a commonly lived life. Can we conceive of a city that is different from the one we have known in the past, a city that is constituted by the people actually living there? Can we imagine a “we” that is overlaid on top of the “I”?
Details of the programme:
Public Thought Dump
  - Α “Box for Expression”

Question Answering Machine - Jonah Senzel, Katerina Magarini

Urban Heat Island
  - Commonspace, Participatory LAB

Researching Environmental Justice as a Lived Experience 
- Interalia

Free to attend, registration is required at: giannouli@interaliaproject.com
Limited number of places available.

The City as an Arena of Dialogue, Negotiation, and Conflict
  - Open Lab Athens

Free to attend, registration is required at: info@olathens.org
Limited number of places available.

Workshop on Creating Wikipedia Entries on the Urban Commons
- Wikimedia

Free to attend, registration is required at: info-el@wikimedia.gr
Limited number of places available.

Reimagining Our Neigbourhood  - Ap’ousia
Workshop for primary-school children aged 6 to 11

Free to attend, registration is required at: apousia.koinsep@gmail.com
Limited number of places available.

Open Discussion
- With guests Stavros Stavridis, Lila Leontidou, and Iris Lykourgiotis

Commons program
The event will comply with all the measures that have been introduced to ensure public safety and protect the health of visitors. For this reason, there are only a very limited number of places available.