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  • Wander Bild 1 © Sun Yuqian
  • Wander Bild 2 © Sun Yuqian
  • Wander Bild 3 © Sun Yuqian
Wander [001] is a multi-media public art project based on an AI chatbot. Wander is an AI android travelling on the future earth. Send messages to her of any real-world locations, and she would visit and send sci-fi travel notes and street scenes from a random future time. Each trip would be like a text-based adventure for participants, but there's no fixed choice. All contents are generated through AI based on real-world location information.
© Sun Yuqian
More on Wander [001]https://www.wander001.com/

About Sun Yuqian

Sun Yuqian © Sun Yuqian Yuqian Sun (CheeseTalk) is an AI artist and researcher in London. She’s currently a PhD student at Royal College of Art.

Driven by curiosity about human-AI relationships, she creates various AI art projects with tech: chatbots, indie games, moving images... Her main work is about conversational AI that can “talk” to people.

Personal website: https://fakecheese.me/