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Reflexive VR storytelling applying game-like interactions

Sojung Bahng Game B1 © Sojung Bahng Sleeping Eyes is an interactive cinematic virtual reality (VR) piece that tells the story of a narcoleptic Korean artist, Sungeun Lee. VR was used as a medium to represent the symptoms of narcolepsy and provoke fundamental reflections on the boundary between dreams and reality. Non-linear narrative and gamification techniques were applied to allow the audience actively explore the stories. Additionally, a heart-rate sensor was used to visualize the audience’s stress states, implicitly making them aware of their own feelings about the artwork.

More on Sleeping Eyeshttps://sojungb.com/sleeping-eyes/

About Sojung Bahng

Sojung Bahng Portrait © Sojung Bahng Sojung Bahng is an award-winning artist, filmmaker and researcher, appointed as an Assistant Professor in Media and Performance Production at Queen's University in Canada. She explores cinematic media via digital technologies to reflect aesthetic and narrative experiences in cultural and philosophical contexts.