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Word Game by Team9

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What is your game about?

Word Game creates a world composed purely of Chinese characters; these (Chinese) characters are not just components of sentences, but also plays important parts in constructing the world as items, scenes or (story) characters. During the journey, players control ‘I’ to find clues between lines, delete words to change the meaning of sentences, or shift words to rewrite facts.

What is the most attractive feature for the player(s)?

Making the most of each Chinese character and word, player(s) can thoroughly enjoy a unique journey from perspectives switching between a first-person hero, a bystander, an editor, a narrator, and eventually an empathetic involver. In other words, this is an immersive experience that everyone can conduct on their own computer.

More on Word Game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1109570

About Wen-wei Chang

Wen Wei Chang Portrait © Wen Wei Chang Wen-wei Chang is the co-founder of Team9 and the producer of Word Game. He is a visual designer, a product designer and a game designer. With no limitation in form or material, he is dedicated to exploring the playfulness within everyday things through his works.