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Meine Oma (88) by ROTxBLAU

  • Meine Oma(88) B1 © ROTxBLAU
  • Meine Oma(88) B2 © ROTxBLAU
"Meine Oma (88)" (AT) is a 2D exploration adventure game. You slip into the role of a 18-year-old schoolgirl who, as part of a school project, unexpectedly goes on a journey of discovery through her grandmother's world of memories. Confronted with questions about her past in the Nazi dictatorship, the mood of the otherwise amiable old woman changes and a struggle for the truth, embellished stories and their contradictions begins. Only with skill and the appropriate amount of curiosity and restraint can the player:get to the bottom of the truth and uncover her own grandmother's story and its very real effects right up to the present.

The players can teleport yourself through different worlds of memories, and get punished by your grandmother if you have chosen the wrong way. 

About Alex Zenker

ROTxBLAU Portrait Zenker (left), Richard (middle) and Micha (right) | © ROTxBLAU As part of a creative and cultural collective in Leipzig, Zenker, Richard and Micha have been working together since 2012.

Thereby, the question came up again and again whether the structures and working methods of a voluntary project can also function in commercial projects.

In 2018, we just gave it a try. Self-employed and freelance people from a wide range of different disciplines became a collective that developed a desire for further joint projects through their work on BE THE WHALE.