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A Summer’s End - Hong Kong 1986 by Oracle and Bone

  • A Summer’s End B1 © Oracle and Bone
  • A Summer’s End B2 © Oracle and Bone
A Summer’s End is a narrative game set in the heydays of 1980s Hong Kong. The story centres on a young office worker named Michelle Cheung and how her meeting with the free-spirited and unconventional video store owner, Sam Wong, profoundly impacted her routine life. The game is a work of fiction, but it discusses the atmosphere of 1980s Hong Kong following the signing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, local Hong Kong pop culture, as well as the shifts in cultural attitudes towards the societal role of women and LGBTQ issues. Individuality, self-determination and freedom of sexual expression is called to question as the player steps into Michelle’s shoes and experiences a burgeoning romance amidst the vibrant backdrop of 1980s Hong Kong. A Summer’s End is a new media homage to Asian cinema and Hong Kong’s golden age of entertainment.

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About Oracle and Bone

Oracle and Bone Portrait Charissa So (left) and Tida Kietsungden (right) | © Oracle and Bone Oracle and Bone is an independent studio based in Vancouver, Canada. Oracle and Bone seeks to create narrative games with a focus on exploring LGBTQ and Asian identities. The studio consists of two members, Charissa So and Tida Kietsungden. Besides writing and programming, Charissa So is a practising pharmacist. Tida Kietsungden is an established visual artist, illustrator, and tattoo artist.