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Unheard by NEXT Studios

  • Unheard B1 © NEXT Studios
  • Unheard B2 © NEXT Studios
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Unheard a game about using the voices you hear to return to crime scenes, tracking down each individual involved and solving the cases. It's a narrative and detective experience that players have never played before. When we exhibit our game at a museum, we actually create a narrative space composed by multiple speakers so that the audience can walk around and listen to all the dialogues and fill up their answers at the exit.

More on Unheardhttps://store.steampowered.com/app/942970/Unheard/

About Nick Zhang

Nick Zhang Portrait © Nick Zhang Nick Zhang, game director of NEXT Studios. Nick graduated from NYU Game Center with a MFA  in Game Design. He is the designer of award-winning game Unheard (2019) and Gemini (2014).