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Hot Pot for One

  • Hot Pot For One B1 © Rachel Li
  • Hot Pot For One B2 © Rachel Li
  • Hot Pot For One B3 © Rachel Li
  • Hot Pot For One B4 © Rachel Li
  • Hot Pot For One B5 © Rachel Li
  • Hot Pot For One B6 © Rachel Li
Hot Pot for One is a bittersweet game about making hot pot alone on Christmas Eve. It aims to capture the loneliness of being away from home, and the sweet comfort of food that takes us back to the good times. The most common compliment we got for the game, other than the strong emotional connection, is how satisfying it is to look at the realistic graphics and interact with the detailed environment and objects in the kitchen.

More on Hot Pot for Onehttps://www.rachelqxl.com/hp41press

About Rachel Li

Rachel Li Portrait © Rachel Li Rachel Li is an award-winning game designer and artist from Shenzhen, China and currently based in Los Angeles, California. Fascinated by video games as an artistic medium to tell stories with simulated systems, she creates autobiographical simulation games inspired by her observations and reflections on the world around her.