Tobia König

Tobia König Foto © © Tobia König Tobia König Foto © Tobia König
Tobia König was born in 1986 and grew up in Leipzig. She graduated from the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts in 2018 with a diploma in painting/graphics. However, she gained her first academic experience while studying political science in France from 2007 to 2011. Today, she lives as a freelance artist in her hometown. Oil painting and oil crayon drawings determine her work, whereby the special form of artistic printmaking known as risography is repeatedly at the centre of her work. Since 2019, she has been a member of the Berlin-Leipzig Painters' Network.

"Each work starts with a line on paper, dividing space into inside and outside, creating shapes and forms, adumbrating bodies and landscapes. Gendering figures comes with a certain unease. My recurring unwillingness to assign bodies within the binary invites viewers to fathom their visual habits."

  • Sophia (2018) © Tobia König

    Sophia (2018)
    120 x 90 cm
    Oil on canvas

  • Andrea (2018) © Tobia König

    Andrea (2018)
    79 x 86 cm
    Oil on canvas

  • La Mêlée (2022) © Tobia König

    La Mêlée (2022)
    200 x 240 cm
    Oil on canvas

  • Paciencia (2020) © Tobia König

    Paciencia (2020)
    200 x 240 cm
    Oil on canvas