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GoetheKonter – Riau Riung© Goethe-Institut Bandung

Open Call
GoetheKonter – Riau Riung

Goethe-Institut Bandung in collaboration with Indeks invites creative practitioners to participate in GoetheKonter – Riau Riung, a portable micro gallery with a current focus on issues in the neighbourhood surrounding Goethe-Institut Bandung. This call is open for artists of various mediums, as well as designers, photographers, researchers, and writers to participate in a residency to develop their ideas over an incubation period of six weeks and then present their work at selected venues.

Seeing Bandung as a city constantly in flux and adapting to the needs of its inhabitants, GoetheKonter – Riau Riung invites creative practitioners to rethink various elements that constitute the urban space surrounding Goethe-Institut Bandung, specifically within ±1KM or 5-10 minutes walking distance. 
Goethe-Institut Bandung is surrounded by places where people gather. From sports facilities, music concert venues, art exhibition spaces, shopping districts, and hangout spots. As written in Buku Wajah Bandoeng Tempo Doeloe (1984), by Haryoto Koento and Arkeologi Masa Kini (2010), by Iwan Hermawan this area was once known as Europese Zakenwijk or the European Business District during the Dutch colonial era. Some of the buildings that constructed the spatial identity in this area include Jaarbeurs de Bandung, now called Kologdam, Nederlands Indie Athletiek Unie, or Saparua Park, Centrum Swimming Pool, Saint Albanus Complex, and the residential area of Riouwstraat for Dutch residents. One of the houses now functions as the Goethe-Institut Bandung. The shifts in the functions and usage of these places have reflected the trends and the consumption cycles of the city’s inhabitants.
Since the beginning of the millennium, the regeneration of creative practitioners in Bandung has made a variety of new activities available to the general public in this area. Saparua Park, which was once famous as a venue for music concerts, has now been primarily repurposed for sports, in addition to the roller skate rink. The presence of factory outlets, photogenic cafes with ever-changing culinary delights, traditional market lots repurposed for cultural activities, and rebranded urban parks have all contributed to visible shifts in spatial functions, evidenced by changes in the environment, the façades, the commodities, and the target audience. At the same time, it is also crucial to critically assess layers beneath what is visible at the first glance, for example, the impact of the digital revolution, efficiency of production, and the recent pandemic as well as the dynamics of subcultures that continuously negotiate with the authorities.
How would you respond to these phenomena and present them in GoetheKonter? With the title Riau Riung, participants are invited to work within this framework in a residency over an incubation period of six weeks. The Goethe-Institut Bandung as a platform to explore ideas as well as artistic and cultural practices, serves as a starting point for participants to re-examine the functions and meaning of space. With proximity to the context and the themes that are potentially elaborated, participants will be accompanied as they develop their ideas in order to facilitate the exploration of further possibilities of engaging the local audience in public activities. By the end of the project, participants will exhibit their work in the Konter at selected public spaces for six weeks.

About GoetheKonter

GoetheKonter is a rhizomatic, collaborative project by Goethe-Institut Bandung and Indeks designed to introduce artistic practices to a broad audience by creating portable micro galleries as glass boxes measuring no more than 80 x 40 x 40 cm to be distributed around Bandung as temporary exhibitions. The “Konter” part of the project name stems from Indeks curatorial project “Galeri Konter”; the Indonesian term “Konter” means “showcase” (noun) and “to counter” (verb). For this edition, participating artists will develop their works to be presented in the Konter after a six-week residency at the premises of Goethe-Institut Bandung. The project provides an opportunity for art practitioners to work with different presentation formats, contextualize their artistic concepts to the surroundings, and engage a wider audience with different demographic backgrounds.

Initiated in February 2020, Indeks has three main objectives: to trace back the development of the art ecosystem in Bandung, to fill the role as an independent research center and a crowd-sourced archiving platform, and to cultivate dialogues and promote knowledge exchange among art practitioners. Indeks’ focus is on archives and libraries, research and development, artist residencies, film and moving image programs. They recently worked with the British Council and the Japan Foundation, and they co-curated an exhibition at Museum MACAN Jakarta.

  • Six-week work and research residency at the Goethe-Institut Bandung.
  • Studio visits.
  • Developing proposed ideas with the invited impulses.
  • Exhibiting works in chosen GoetheKonter located at Goethe-Institut Bandung and/or other partner venues.
  • Public programming by the participants in a form of a workshop, tour, and/or discussion.
Registration period: July 22 - August 19 
Announcement of selected participants: August 29 
Developing ideas and production: September 5 - October 14 
Exhibitions and public programs: 28/29 October - December 11
  • A shared workspace for the participants.
  • Production and artist fee.
  • Impulses by urban experts.
  • Curatorial Accompaniment by Indeks.
For young artists, designers, photographers, researchers and writers (21-35 years old) based in Bandung and West Java.
To register, send the completed registration form. Please download the Registration Form and then complete it and send it along with your CV (max. 2 pages) and also samples of your works/writings (3-5 samples, not more than 10 MB) to the email address lukman.hakim@goethe.de with the subject GoetheKonter – Riau Riung. We will send out a confirmation e-mail to all applicants one day after the registration closed.


Lukman Hakim
Coordinator Culture Program
lukman.hakim @goethe.de