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Talk with Judith Schalansky
Linking Culture through Literature: "Verzeichnis einiger Verluste" in Indonesian translation

According to Judith Schalansky, author of Verzeichnis einiger Verluste, the book is like a close relationship to someone she’s known since childhood.

Verzeichnis einiger Verluste is a book about loss: something that is missing, something that is longed for, assuming that nothing and existence are complementary and need each other, like yin and yang, leaving an empty space and at the same time having to be filled again.

Judith Schalansky excels in the use of various linguistic styles, transforming details into stories based on deep research, exploring space and blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, between reality and myth, and between fact and fiction.

An extinct tiger species, a forgotten island in the Pacific Ocean and other stories are among the twelve packed into Verzeichnis einiger Verluste, in which she addresses the theme of loss based on thorough research and a wealth of knowledge.