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Conference Series 2021
Digital Discourses

Uniting Civil Society Amidst the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to health-based surveillance, restrictions on mobility, and the awareness that many people are less able to access the digital realm where so many human activities are now being conducted out of necessity.
At the same time, Southeast Asians are experiencing a decline in their personal space, both offline and online.
These circumstances impact the quality of digital rights - rights that should be granted to all citizens.
What are the effects of the pandemic in the digital realm? How do we deal with the increase in gender-based online violence? How best to regulate online hate speech? How are we to cope with shrinking public space?
The third part of the “Digital Discourses” series takes a look on the relation between the pandemic and the shrinking public space in the digital realm.

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Partner: SAFEnet