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Nenden S. Arum
Digital Discourses

Nenden S. Arum Nenden S. Arum | © Nenden S. Arum is a researcher and analyst focused on digital product management and user experience research. She has worked as a journalist covering business and economic issues as well as been a data analyst for a Jakarta-based data and media company.
Together with the organization Southeast Asia Freedom of Expression Network (SAFEnet), she is a proponent of digital rights by promoting freedom of expression online and is engaged in the struggle against online gender-based violence. She has also taken part in the Journalist Safety Committee (Komite Keselamatan Jurnalis), consisting of various press and legal aid institutions whose aim is to end violence and repression against journalists.
The scope of her commitment to journalism has expanded to now include organizing the data journalist community with Indonesia Data Journalism Network (IDJN).

Nenden S. Arum at our Conference:

GoetheHaus Jakarta | 25 October 2019

5.45 PM
Panel discussion: Is Content Restriction the “New Normal”? 
Moderator: Nenden S. Arum  
Guests: Donny B.U., Kirsten Han, Markus Reuter, Septiaji Eko Nugroho

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