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Blandina Lintang Setianti
Digital Discourses

Lintang Setianti Lintang Setianti | © Lintang Setianti is a researcher at the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy (ELSAM), a human rights organization in Indonesia since 1993.
In the past five years, Lintang has been actively involved in several research and advocacy projects related to internet policy in Indonesia. These include topics such as the right to privacy and freedom of expression in the online world, including internet content policies and gender issues concerning the use of internet technology.
In 2019 Lintang joined the International Visitor Leadership Program of the United States government on the subject of cyber security policy. Lintang is graduated from the Faculty of Law at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung.

Blandina Lintang Setianti at our Conference:

Panel discussion:
Data Privacy Concepts and Regulation
Moderator: Blandina Lintang Setianti
Guests: Ingo Dachwitz, Sutawan Chanprasert, Wahyudi Djafar, Tony Seno Hartono

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