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Markus Reuter
Digital Discourses

Markus Reuter Markus Reuter | © Markus Reuter is an editor at netzpolitik.org and is concerned with fundamental and civil rights as well as social movements. Among other topics, he writes about hate speech and censorship, fake news and social bots; in the framework of this topic area he has been invited twice as an expert to the German Parliament. Other focus areas include the transformation of culture and media, right-wing radical strategies in the internet, and the use of social media by governmental institutions, such as the police.
Netzpolitik.org is a platform for digital civil liberties and investigative journalism. Netzpolitik.org is not-for-profit and is financed by thousands of individual donors.

Markus Reuter at our Conference:

GoetheHaus Jakarta | 25 October 2019

5.15 PM

Keynote: Why the Struggle Against Hate Speech and Fake News is a Threat to Civil Liberties 

5.45 PM 
Panel discussion: Is Content Restriction the “New Normal”? 
Moderator: Boas Simanjuntak  
Guests: Donny B.U., Kirsten Han, Markus Reuter, Septiaji Eko Nugroho

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