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Patrick Stegemann
Digital Discourses

Patrick Stegemann Patrick Stegemann | © Lorenz Troll is a German journalist and filmmaker. For years he has been investigating the far-right in Germany and its online strategies. His film Lösch Dich about online hate cultures has won several prizes. He works for German public television as a reporter, journalist and format developer. His work focuses on digital communication, the far-right and the digital economy. Stegemann’s first book, co-authored with his colleague Sören Musyal, will be published in early 2020. Die rechte Mobilmachung - Wie rechte Aktivisten im Netz die Demokratie bedrohen (Ullstein/Econ) is an investigation into and analysis of far-right online strategies.

Patrick Stegemann at our Conference:

GoetheHaus Jakarta | 25 October 2019

2.15 PM

Keynote: The Mechanisms of Alt-Right Digital Propaganda in Germany

3.15 PM
Panel discussion: Tactics to Counter Online Extremism 
Moderator: Treviliana Eka Putri
Guests: Patrick Stegemann, Nasir Abas, Saijai Liangpunsakul, Savic Ali  

Programme Overview