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Game developers, programmers, artists and creative people will come together during a 48-hour games jam to create new games. This exciting event circles around the fields of art, politics and digital games, and has already made an impression on Mexico City and Seoul last year. Now it will be held simultaneously in the cities of Boston, USA and Jakarta, Indonesia and it will be up their local communities to create something unique.

Most people are familiar with the concept of a jam session, where all kinds of musician come together and let creativity take its course to pull of something new. A Game Jam basically works according to the same concept. All kinds of creative minds work hand in hand with inventive people from the game developer scene. Because, what would a great game be without a driving soundtrack, a cool look or a witty storytelling?

The end result will be an innovative new game in the field of serious gaming, which has a certain authenticity and artistic creativity while also addressing a political topic. To accomplish such a neat end result, team work in all sectors will be essential.

The ART GAMES - Game Jam is a project by Goethe-Institut in cooperation with Maschinen-Mensch, Asosiasi Game Indonesia, Jakarta Creative Hub and Duniaku Network, funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.

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