Transparent distribution of financial resources for the operation of the SDN Siyono 1 primary school

Foto: Panikem 10 Photos The green-painted walls, pillars and terrace of SDN Siyono 1 were financed by BOS. Siyono village, Wonosari, Gunungkidul DIY. 24 August 2016. | Photo: Panikem
Panikem, Saryati, Isnawati
JKPGK (Jaringan Kelompok Perempuan Gunungkidul – Women's network of Gunungkidul)

SDN Siyono 1 is a state run primary school in the village of Siyono, Wonosari, Gunungkidul DIY. The primary school is a good example for the transparent distribution of funds for operating the school (BOS).

In order to ensure transparency, parent representatives, teachers and school management are always informed about the plans for the school as soon as they are stipulated in the budget & work plan (RKAS). The results, implementation and distribution of funds are also communicated, including to student representatives. In addition, the school is always willing to inform people about how the funds are used to run the school.
SDN Siyono 1 had 168 students in 2015. The financial resources totalled more than 196 million rupiah from the pot of the central and local government. These funds were used to make purchases for operating the school, for example a skeleton for biology classes to explain human anatomy, purchases for the library as well as the purchase of fans, sinks, metal gratings, musical instruments, new toilets, trash bins and a playground with a swing.

The infrastructure and new purchases are much appreciated by the students. The new school toilet includes two toilets for boys and two toilets for girls. Also the new metal gratings are amongst the purchases that were urgently needed, as there have been a number of thefts in the past.

Other acquisitions such as the skeleton are recent purchases by the school management and have not yet been used but rather initially put into storage. The musical instruments on the other hand, also recently purchased, are already in use by students of the fourth grade during breaks.

JKPGK (Jaringan Kelompok Perempuan Gunungkidul – Women's network of Gunungkidul)