Use of funds for providing clean drinking water and sanitation facilities (PAMSIMAS)

Foto: Rusmiyatun 10 Bilder Ein Einwohner, der noch keinen Zugang zu sauberem Wasser hat, trägt eine Kanne in Donomulyo, Unterbezirk Nanggulan, Bezirk Kulon Progo, 23. August 2016. Da er aus ärmlichen Verhältnissen stammt, konnte er zuhause noch keine Wasserleitung installieren. Dies wird sich jedoch ändern, wenn ein Programm eingeführt wird, das die armen Familien in Kulon Progo dabei unterstützt, Zugang zu sauberem Wasser zu bekommen. | Foto: Rusmiyatun
Niken Marita; Rusmiyatun
JMKP (Jaringan Masyarakat Kulonprogo)

The village of Donomulyo, in the sub-district of Nanggulan, is located in a hilly area in Kulon Progo Regency. The environment greatly influences the daily lives of the people who live here. Many of them are susceptible to sickness, as access to clean water is limited for general use as well as consumption. After the PAMSIMAS II project was launched in 2014 in Kulon Progo, the inhabitants of Donomulyo formed the BP-SPAMS “Sindu Wening” work group supported by the village administration. The PAMSIMAS project in Donomulyo received 270 million rupiah in financial support from the central and local government. The project resulted in solving the problem of access to clean water. The people of Donomulyo now not only enjoy a better quality of life, but their behaviour patterns have also changed. For example:
  • Housewives no longer have to get water from remote rivers and springs, some of which are 26 meters deep (and dried up during the dry season) – now they have clean water in their houses.
  • The residents no longer have to answer the call of nature in the garden or a river, as now they have adequate toilets and washing facilities for the whole family.
  • Children are healthier and happier, can play carefree, and can always wash their hands with clean water.
  • The work group BP-SPAMS “Sindu Wening” can continue its work and continue to develop thanks to efficient and effective management.
Jaringan Masyarakat Kulon Progo (JMKP) is a network founded by the residents of Kulon Progo to stand up for the rights of its citizens. They are concerned with rights in the areas of health, education, economy and social policy. The members come from various levels of society in Kulon Progo.

JMKP has a vision: “To create a network of citizens that promotes a development process for the welfare of the residents of Kulon Progo”. JMKP has the following objectives:

  • To disseminate knowledge about how to manage a network of citizens through already existing networks
  • To disseminate knowledge about budget planning 
  • To disseminate knowledge about how important issues from the various regions can be used for the well-being of its residents