Dlingo’s long way to becoming a cultural village

Foto: Edi Susanto 5 Photos The village head from Dlingo talks with the head of a neighbourhood before the pisowanan takes place (a Javanese tradition in which the Sultan of Yogyakarta is informed of the progress of each of the villages). 20 June 2013. | Photo: Edi Susanto
Forum Pengembang SID (Sistem Informasi Desa) DIY
Forum for the development of information systems in villages (FD-SID) in the Yogyakarta Special Region

Dlingo is a cultural village in the Yogyakarta Special Region. As a cultural village, Dlingo is obliged to continue developing its cultural potential.

The budget provides that Dlingo receive funds from the Special Region as well as from the budget of the village itself for the preservation of the cultural heritage. Decree No. 325 in 1995 by the governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region stipulates that Dlingo is to continue modernisation without sacrificing its cultural values and traditions. 
Forum Desa Pengembang Sistem Informasi Desa
(SID) Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta

The forum for the development of information systems in villages (FD-SID) in the Yogyakarta Special Region constitutes a collaboration amongst activists from villages that are striving to disseminate knowledge through the development of an information system based on modern technology.

The objective of the forum is to better utilize participants’ skills by sharing experience and ultimately to develop a village information system. Once the the forum was established, it became the coordination centre of more than 234 villages in 4 sub-districts (Gunungkidul, Bantul, Kulon Progo and Sleman), all of which in the meantime have introduced the information system (July 2016).

Based on the values of the open source movement, the FD-SID in the Yogyakarta Special Region has an advisory function and helps the villages in the development of apps that are tailored to their needs. The FD-SID has the necessary staff for this, as it cooperated from the very beginning on the information system and has worked together with a number of IT experts in the respective villages.

Together with the Gunungkidul FD-SID and the Bantul FD-SID, the Yogyakarta Special Region FD-SID is currently preparing a series of training sessions for the villages in Kulon Progo.