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Science Cliption – Tomatoes in Space
Science Film Festival in Indonesia

Tomatoes in Space© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Title: Science Cliption – Tomatoes in Space
Original Title: Science Cliption – Tomaten im Weltall
Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology
Directors: Simon Wenkelewsky
Produced by: IMAGE in MOTION / Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen
Running Time: 04:11 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2017
Age Guideline: Secondary School (12 - 16)

Space flight has its challenges: In addition to temperature fluctuations, cosmic radiation, a vacuum and weightlessness, the common astronaut must also deal with the following question: What’s for dinner? So far, the selection is not large: food is packed in tubes and sachets and is rarely a culinary delight. But that is about to change: at the DLR Institute for Space Systems in Bremen, they are researching the cultivation of vegetables in space. Tomate Tom explains the role of the tomato of all vegetables in an interview.