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Sugar-free Sweets - Snacking with no End?
Science Film Festival in Indonesia

Sugar-Free Sweets© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Title: Nine-and-a-half at Planet School: Sugar-free Sweets - Snacking with no End?
Category: Family Edutainment
Directors: tvision Gmbh
Produced by: WDR
Running Time: 09:30 Minutes
Country: Germany
Year: 2015
Age Guideline: Primary School (9-11)

Eating sweets endlessly without getting overweight or getting tooth decay - who does not dream of that?Presenter Siham wants to find out if that's possible and tests sugar-free sweets. In a food laboratory, she learns why they taste sweet at all, when supposedly no sugar is in it and what different kinds of sweeteners is available. She also asks a nutritional expert if sugar-free sweets are really healthier than the other kind. And of course she conducts a great taste test: Do sugar-free sweets really taste as good as normal ones with sugar?