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The Berrymakers
Science Film Festival in Indonesia

The Berrymakers© Goethe-Institut Indonesien
Title: The Berrymakers
Category: Natural Science, Life Science & Technology
Directors: Camillo Meinhart
Produced by: Biofaction KG
Running Time: 22:15 Minutes
Country: Austria
Year: 2017
Age Guideline: University and General Public (17+)

This documentary is about the international research and innovation project BACHBERRY that searched for valuable substances in plants, particularly berries that could be beneficial for the human health.We travel to the experimental Vavilov research station in Russia, visit the biochemical analysts at the Hutton Institute in Scotland, compare color pigments in Montpellier, and talk to the researchers in Lisbon who test plant extracts on so-called "humanized yeast". The film gives a clear idea why the discovery of useful substances and their genes is so important for human health and the bio economy and how these genes could be used to make these hardly available substances in larger quantities with the help of engineered microorganisms.