Film is Her Notebook

Film is Her Notebook © Ute Aurand

Learn from Berlin-based experimental filmmaker Ute Aurand to work with 16mm celluloid film and to turn daily recordings into a diary film

Films, whether fiction films or documentaries, often stand for straight and fixed narratives. However, when a film becomes a medium for daily recording, it becomes a diary in which the author actively and consciously chooses which event to record. It can be about the routine of working life, about the preparations for lunch, or the jostling on the train, about a holiday in the house of a relative far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just like anything else. It's about how a person positions herself, captures and determines her perspectives in her private and social spaces. This practice is known to us as writing: Many people know how to record everyday events of themselves, for personal reflection or for publication in a suitable place. But most people are unfamiliar with a cinematic diary practice. Many questions arise: How can shots of daily events be a film at the same time? How can you determine the images and events you want to capture? How do you position yourself in this work? Is it a fictional or documentary work?
With Film is Her Notebook we explore the posed questions together Berlin-based experimental filmmaker Ute Aurand, who throughout her career has been making films with a portrait approach and diary using the medium of 16mm celluloid film. Together we will watch films, discuss, and work with analogue film material.


  • Activities will be carried out from November 8 to 14, with screening programs open to the public on November 8 and 9 at Rubanah
  • 11-14 November workshop activities, held in Kinosaurus and Rubanah
  • The workshop will be divided into three modules: Introductory classes, recording events, and case studies
  • Each participant will be facilitated with tools and materials for recording
  • Workshop slots are limited to 10 participants, closed selection will be carried out on incoming proposals
  • For participants from outside Jakarta, a lump-sum travel support will be provided for travels to and from the city of residence
  • This workshop is open to anyone from any background
  • Write down your personal data and a short text about how far you are familiar with film media, especially 16mm, and how you capture every day regardless of the medium.
  • All activities will be carried out in English, English communication skills are mandatory.
  • Participants can apply as individuals or groups of two people.
  • The call for applications is open from October 7 to October 18.
  • The selected participants will be contacted via e-mail and will be informed about the detailed schedule of the program.
  • The selected participants commit to taking part in the whole program.

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