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Hauke Hückstädt at the Literaturhaus Frankfurt
Rooms for reading: Whether in the own four walls or nevertheless in the crowd - everything is possible. | Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen

Reading at home is also quite nice, but ... Hauke Hückstädt in an interview with pictures – about his favourite new publications and the future of literature.


Hauke HückStädt

Hauke Hückstädt is a literary mediator, author and publisher. He was a member of the management team of the Literarische Salon in Hanover, then he was responsible for the programme and managing director of the Literarische Zentrum Göttingen for ten years. Since 2010 he has headed the Literaturhaus in Frankfurt am Main. He has published numerous books, most recently as editor with Friederike von Bünau the debated work "95 Anschläge, Thesen für die Zukunft" ("95 attacks, theses for the future").

You manage the Literaturhaus Frankfurt and are a member of the jury for the German Book Prize in 2019. With which literary character would you like to swap?
Hauke Hückstädt Gelenke des Lichts Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen
... and with whom not?
Hauke Hückstädt Mobbing Dick Photo (detail): Domenic Driessen
Reading at home is nice, too. Why should we attend a reading?​
Hauke Hückstädt at the Literaturhaus Frankfurt Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen
Literature is increasingly becoming an experience, through festivals or other book-related events. How does this change the texts?
Hauke Hückstädt reads newspaper Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen
As a member of the jury for the Book Prize, you have read countless new publications. What surprised you the most?
Hauke Hückstädt in front of a picture Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen
For many years you have helped to shape the literary scene in Germany. What does the future of literature look like?  
Hauke Hückstädt with his books Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen
... and what do you wish for it?
Hauke Hückstadt's statement on the future of the literary industry: It'll be fine! Photo (detail): © Domenic Driessen