Digital Discourses
Jun-E Tan (Malaysia)

The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Human Rights—The Link To Data

This talk discusses the potential use and harm of data surveillance in Southeast Asia from the economic, social and cultural rights as well as civil and political rights points of view. How do artificial intelligence applications impact human rights and what is the connection to the use (and misuse) of big data? In Southeast Asia are we more concerned about issues of data privacy, or exclusion and lack of access? This presentation addresses these questions and explores some current AI applications and governmental policies in the region.

Jun E Tan
© Jun E Tan
Jun-E Tan is an independent researcher based in Malaysia whose research interests are broadly anchored in the areas of sustainable development, human rights, and digital communication. She works on commissioned research projects and reports, and her current focus is on the impact of artificial intelligence and human rights in Southeast Asia. Her latest academic paper, “Digital Rights in Southeast Asia: Conceptual Framework and Movement Building”, was published in December 2019 by SHAPE-SEA in an open access book titled “Exploring the Nexus Between Technologies and Human Rights: Opportunities and Challenges in Southeast Asia”. More information can be found on her personal website