Ingredients of Rendang © Photographer: Cindi Adelia Putri Emas, Yogyakarta

Cindi Adelia Putri Emas - @little.cgj, Yogyakarta

In the spirit of food photography, this photo was taken to present the special ingredients for rendang. The ingredients shown in this photo are all essential for rendang. To reinforce the nuance and theme of “Minangkabau”, the photo includes typical Minangkabau symbols so that one recognizes that these are the ingredients for the rendang of the Minangkabau people. For example, you can see the pangua (rasp) typical of Minangkabau, which is for grating coconut, and a typical Minangkabau batu lado pestle used to grind red onions (the taste is different than when ground in a blender).

The same is true for coconuts. A coconut grated with pangua tastes different than coconut ground up in a machine. Pangua makes the coconut milk taste even better. Normally the Minangkabau use only the coconut milk of the first and second presses, since the quality of the coconut milk is still very good and has the right thickness. That stimulates the appetite. I hope that this photo design is successful in increasing the awareness in the general public of the spices and ingredients for rendang to ensure their continuance. It is also intended to evoke a sense of pride in traditional dishes – especially for rendang – which is more popular with the younger generation than dishes and culinary creations from abroad.