Lammang © Photographer: Bahauddin Raja Baso, Makassar

Bahauddin Raja Baso - @om__uud, Makassar

Lammang is a sticky rice dish from Jeneponto, south Sulawesi, to be precise from Bangkala. First, the rice is soaked in salty coconut milk and then baked for two hours in pieces of bamboo on an oven.

People traveling through the village of Bangkala, Jeneponto, will come across a number of lammang vendors gathered on a one-kilometer stretch of road. The vendors call out sengkaki karaeng to those driving by (it is actually singgahki karaeng and is the name for Bugis nobility of Makassar). It’s a must stop here to buy and taste lammang. Besides tasting good, lammang is long-lasting and does not spoil easily even though it is made from coconut milk. And the price is right: 7,000 rupiah buys you a delicious bowl of lammang.