Luat Sarang Lebah

 Luat Sarang Lebah © Photgrapher: Silvania Stella Epiphania Mandaru, Kupang

Silvania Stella Epiphania Mandaru - @frenyepiphany, Kupang

Luat sarang lebah (Lu’at Mauf) is a type of chili made from bee larvae and is high in protein. Luat/sambal is often consumed at various events organized by the villagers of Amfoang in Kupang in the province of Nusa Tenggara Timur.

The people of Amfoang used to believe that bees were to be treated like beautiful women. For this reason the process of removing the honey from the honeycomb was accompanied by traditional poetry rituals sung like songs of seduction so that the queen bee would willingly surrender her honey. For the people of Amfoang this dish shows respect. I was inspired by Lu’at Mauf because it is a creation that reflects the appreciation of NTT’s natural resources, which is so rich in local ingredients.