Nasi Sayur Lodeh Ikan Tongkol

Nasi Sayur Lodeh Ikan Tongkol © Photographer: Desy Bariyyatul Qibitiyah, Malang

Desy Bariyyatul Qibtiyah - @desybq, Malang

Lodeh, better known as sayur lodeh, is a Central Java specialty that uses coconut milk and has a unique savory taste. There are many variations of sayur lodeh: some use vegetables, others meat and fish in combination. Generally, lodeh is made with vegetables, but in this photo it was combined with tuna and tofu with a reddish yellow broth to produce a spicy flavor in the sauce. The spicy taste of sayur lodeh is perfect when combined with fish because lodeh tastes similar to curry.

It is nearly always served with rice. As we know, rice is a source of carbohydrates and the main component in the daily diet of most Indonesians. Another side dish for nasi lodeh ikan tongkol is kerupuk and an Indonesian onion-chili sauce, which brings out the essence of the food even more strongly. Lodeh is a very popular food in Indonesia in cities as well in the countryside. Besides being easy to prepare, this vegetable in thick sauce requires ingredients and herbs that are readily available in Indonesia. It’s no wonder that sayur lodeh is one of my favorite dishes.