Digital Paperchase
Library tour via app

Bibliotheksrallye Jakarta
© Goethe-Institut Indonesien

The Goethe-Institut in Jakarta reinvents the classical library tour: the Actionbound app makes it an interactive digital paperchase full of puzzles and tricky tasks.

The term “library tour” has a new meaning at Goethe-Institut Jakarta. A library tour now looks like this: small groups roaming around the library with a tablet in hand and looking for answers. Some have quizzical looks on their faces, others are laughing triumphantly. The classical guided library tour with someone explaining to you where what is has been replaced by a paperchase, also known as a treasure hunt.
So-called “Bounds” are created with the Actionbound app. The principle is the same as a classical paperchase: puzzles and tasks are created and then the participants have to interact with their environment to find the solution. Photos, screenshots, GPS coordinates, QR codes and mini-games may also be part of the activities.

The app interactively animates course participants to explore the library. For example, participants may have to find certain books amongst the shelves, find out the library’s opening hours, document an OPAC search with a screenshot, or snap a creative selfie. As a result, the teams develop their knowledge of the library on their own and apply it directly. This transforms the library from a silent, lonely place of learning to a place of active experiencing.

During conventional library tours, language course participants have fewer comprehension questions than one would expect, since it is usually too early in their German language development for them to be able to ask questions. However, with the new interactive tour using Actionbound, problems can be identified immediately.

As soon as the teams have completed the treasure hunt, their solutions are evaluated by the app. The weaknesses and strengths of the teams are thus quickly and easily recognizable and can be communicated. Our staff are then able to focus on problems the participants may be having (for example researching media) and explain the correct solutions.