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Repair Fair
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Practical DIY Instructions from Crafters and Designers

Some of us might still remember that back when we were kids, we used to see our mothers or grandmothers fixing or resizing our clothes, some of which had previously belonged to our other older brothers and sisters so we could wear them again. No, we don’t mind at all because everyone we knew was wearing those kinds of clothes, and the ability to save money instead of buying brand new clothes was always a great idea for the family.
Today, repairing and fixing our own clothes is not only about saving money but also about the environment due to the textile waste that fashion business has produced for many years now. So, in the spirit to bring that old-fashioned habit back and become once again part of our current fashion actions, we invite the public, both individually and collectively, to learn how to repair their own clothes with 5 Indonesian artists and 1 German designer during a one-day event called Repair Fair.
Monica Hapsari-Handmade and Machine Embroidery Embellishments
Monica is an artist and fashion lecturer who will teach us on how to put our own embroidery artworks on top of plain T-shirts and canvas shoes that we otherwise might throw out because we rarely use them or out of boredom. Impress yourself by decorating your clothes and shoes with your own artworks - by using either your hands or a machine - and wear them like never before.
Astrid Rosiana - Sashiko Stitching
Astrid is known for her fashion-based workshops, and she is going to teach the public what Sashiko Stitching can do to our ripped jeans. Sashiko Stitching itself is a simple yet elegant embroidery technique from Japan mostly known to make home décor products. People are invited to bring their own ripped jeans and learn from Astrid how to make them stylishly cool again with a little touch of Sashiko Stitching.
Martcellia Liunic – Ilustrated patches and buttons
One of the easiest yet most stylish ways to cover up holes, rips and stains in and on our clothes is to put patches and buttons on top of them. That’s why we invite Martcellia Liunic with her collection of embroidery patches and buttons featuring her spot-on quotes and pretty illustrations to open a table where the public can pick one or two to fix or make their clothes look cuter than ever.
Nuri Fatima - Patchwork
Fabric scraps are perhaps the most interesting fashion waste out there, still rich in color, motif and material. Patchwork is one of the most commonly used techniques to putting fabric scraps to some good use. That’s why we invite Nuri Fatima, an artist from Bandung who has been using patchwork to create new fashion products, to teach the public how to make a new piece of clothing by using fabric scraps from her own collection or used clothes, brought in by the participants themselves.
Ayu Dila – Reshape & Modify
One of the reasons we buy new clothes is when our body size has changed. That is why we have asked Ayu to join our Repair Fair. As an artist and one of the designers behind UGLY, Ayu will teach us to modify and reshape our clothes so we can keep wearing them, like turning our jeans into a dress or how we use a piece of fabric from one clothing item to restyle another one.
Arianna Nicoletti from aluc – Reuse A Shirt
Arianna is part of a group of designers called aluc. Since their main design product are shirts, Arianna will ask the public to bring some old shirts and teach them how to make different products out of a shirt, like bags and pants, and how to turn them into skirts without even have to sew!
The Repair Fair is free for public. However, three mobile tailors will be cycling around the area to provide their services that will require payment.


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