Swap with me, Baby!

Swap with Me Baby!
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Clothing Swap - ditch your unused clothes and find something new, all for free

Some cities in Indonesia are famous for their secondhand shops and markets, such as Bandung, Bukit Tinggi, Makassar and Medan. Interestingly, most of the secondhand fashion products we can find there come from Japan, Korea and other countries with four seasons, because people in those countries tend to change their wardrobe and style according to the change of the seasons - which means that there is no such thing as saving the environment by buying imported secondhand clothing, darling.
What we can do, however, is to start our own local secondhand fashion movement or have clothing swap parties regularly. Even though some of us might already engage in these parties, we think that they don’t happen often enough and are far from being big enough. This is why we created Swap With Me, Baby! as one of the fringe events of IKAT/eCUT. The public can bring used clothes - which have to be in good condition - that they would like to swap with other participants at the venue. To replace money, we will design a token that will be used as currency during the event.
For this clothing swap party, we invite different groups of people from a variety of backgrounds and fashion styles to open a swap table - from a family of three famous for their creativity, a crew behind a secondhand shop to a bunch of designers behind a really popular fashion brand and even a school of young artists!
Compared to secondhand shopping, the more interesting part about clothing swap parties is that we have a chance to get to know the previous owner of the clothes and hear their tips in maintaining them. They will also be able to tell us why they have decided to let this particular item go and give us advice on which fashion style works best with the piece. Those are benefits we will not get from buying secondhand clothes in shops or markets. And the best part is that we will establish a new connection with a stranger, over a piece of clothing. Isn’t this just wonderful?
This event is free and open for public. Only those who bring their own items can swap with other participants. Every single piece of clothing will be checked for its condition before participants are allowed to swap. Swap tokens are provided, and we suggest to not use plastic bags to carry the clothes.

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Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Price: Free Admission
Please bring some of your clothes to participate in the swapping

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