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Behind the Screen
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Previously, the usual players in the world of fashion were designers, stylists, writers, photographers and buyers. But with the rise of social media in Indonesia, we started to see the emergence of new “professions”, including Fashion Blogger and Fashion Entrepreneur. Suddenly, having online fashion shops and taking photos for OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) have become a common sight, no matter where we go in Jakarta. Fashion has indeed been a part of our daily life for a long time, but through social media, fashion now has also become about making a look worth thousands, if not millions of ‘likes’ instead. The main goal now is that ‘On The Screen’ look, because if people like what they see when checking out our social media accounts, then our job is done.
Really? We don’t think so. Because creating a fashion standout look for our social media accounts takes so much more than having the latest smartphone, good writing skills and a bit of luck in finding a pretty background for taking photos. You still have a long way to go.
Behind The Screen is a fashion talk that invites everyone to take a really good look and listen to the process of these fashion professions that seem to be so popular these days; stylists, bloggers and entrepreneurs, including how fast fashion has become a part of this big trend, both locally and internationally. So if you are into fashion - regardless of which perspective you are interested in - this talk is definitely for you.
Perkasa Kusumah Putra

Perkasa Kusumah Putra, also referred to as Abang, is the youngest fashion editor in Indonesia’s publishing history. After working as a senior fashion editor at Clara magazine and other media stints, these days Abang is a fashion buyer at Asiana Group. Apart from writing, curating and being a fashion consultant, he also is a DJ on the side. He is going to be the moderator for this talk.
Claradevi Handriatmadja – Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Claradevi started her own blog about travelling and fashion in 2009 and was awarded The Best Mode Blog in 2011 by the Indonesian Blog Community. Today, with more than 113 K followers on her Instagram and thousands of daily visits to her blog, Claradevi is one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Indonesia, known for her vintage and classic style. Soon, she is also going to publish her own online fashion magazine.
Ajeng Svastiari – Stylist and Lecturer

Ajeng Svastiari is the personal stylist behind some big Indonesian celebrities, such as  Andiensyah, Sherina, Afghan and Agnes Monica. A graduate from La Salle College in 2005, Ajeng is also fashion director for Tri Handoko label, and teaches Fashion Styling at Esmod, Jakarta.

Zico Halim – Designer and Stylist

Zico Halim is the creative director of Tangan, a premium fashion brand that he created in 2015 together with Margaretha Novianty. Apart of running Tangan, Zico is also a commercially busy fashion stylist and art director with long standing portfolio of local and international clients.
The talk will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia. This event has a maximum capacity of 300 seats.

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