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Handmade Fabric Day

Handmade Fabric Day
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Weaving, dyeing, printing - sustainable methods for textile finishing

In conjunction with the Slow Fashion Lab exhibition, Handmade Fabric Day aims to offer the public a different kind of experience regarding several slow fashion practices in Indonesia today. By inviting four artists/designers from Jakarta and Bandung, the public has the opportunity not only to learn about slow fashion in general, but more importantly to see how interesting it has become in the hands of these artists/designers.
By using the format of live demonstrations for each technique and including the materials that are used, participants can ask questions and engage in the whole process throughout the event. Some of the final results and products using these techniques might be available for sale, and the participants are welcome to set up workshop appointments directly with the artists/designers if they want to find out more.
Sarita Ibnoe - tapesTRY

Sarita is the artist and weaver behind the brand Petang Hari. For Handmade Fabric Day, she specially creates a live demo called ‘Experiencing freestyle weaving with Petang Hari’. Each of the participants can sit down and weave for 5 minutes each using Sarita’s floor loom, creating one big collaborative piece together!
Nidiya Kusmaya – Hapa Zome Workshop

Nidiya is the textile artist behind Old Tjikko, one of the participants of our Slow Fashion Lab at Gudang Sarinah Ecosystem. Nidiya will share insight about Hapa Zome, a natural dye fabric method technique that takes out the natural pigments of the dying source by hitting them on the surface of the fabric.
Ratu Saraswati – Hand Stamping on Sateen

Ratu Sarawasti is known as a performance artist with a passion for print making. She teaches several classes for adults and children. For Handmade Fabric Day, Saras will show us how to make our own motif using linocut stamps to begin with and then design the pattern by pressing those linoleum stamps to a sateen fabric.
Ella Trimurti - Eco printing

Eco printing is an extension from eco fashion in making environmentally friendly fashion products. This printing then being applied on natural fiber material such as baby canvas or cotton that will absorb the colours beautifully in terms of shapes and colour mix. Ella is the designer behind Medasa, and her works have been showcased at Jakarta Fashion Week 2017. She will walk us through the whole process during our Handmade Fabric Day.
This event is free for the public but excludes the ticket to go inside the museum building. The event itself will be conducted in one of the buildings inside the museum complex.

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