Is Sustainable Doable?

Is Sustainable Doable?
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Mini-Lectures on design and sustainability by designers and experts from Germany and Indonesia


As the public is being exposed to a variety of current sustainable fashion practices in Indonesia through the Slow Fashion Lab, we would also like to show you how this practice is explored in Germany by inviting several designers who came all the way to Jakarta to share their stories and experience from materials to workers and from techniques to distribution.
Together with two Indonesian designers who exhibit their works at the Slow Fashion Lab, we hope that the exchange of knowledge and learning will inspire each of us to start creating a sustainable way of living in our daily fashion action, not only as an individual but also as a part of today’s society.

Marina Chahboune, Heissnatur Foundation
Sustainable Design Strategies - how to approach sustainability within the design process.
Arianna Nicoletti, aluc
Lecture on material cycles looking behind the global connections of where textile and material travel before and after their ‘consumer-life’.
Lisa Jaspers, FOLKDAYS
Lecture on the sustainable fashion brand FOLKDAYS and its work with local small producers from all over the world.
Isabelle Deschamps, be able
Lecture on the ability to empower less privileged groups of society through design.
Pola Fendel, Kleiderei
Lecture via Skype: Introduction of the Kleiderei-system, a library for clothing addressing fashion lovers.
Nidiya Kusmaya, Old Tjikko
One of the designers who exhibited her work at the Slow Fashion Lab, Nidiya is going to share her sustainable fashion practice of natural dye that she has implemented at Old Tjikko.
Hana Surya, Threadapeutic
Hana is another designer who exhibited her work at the Slow Fashion Lab, showcasing her work at Threadapeutic. Her sustainable upcycling fashion brand turns garment-industry waste into fashionable, functional products.

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