Erste Schritte in Deutschland

„Erste Schritte in Deutschland“ is an entertaining quiz for German as a foreign language, starting on level B2. While answering the questions, players can deepen their knowledge of the German language while at the same time learn something new about Germany.

App - Erste Schritte in Deutschland © Goethe-Institut Indonesien Ten interesting topics familiarize the players with the information they will need during the first weeks of their stay in Germany.

Example: Are you allowed to write and read personal e-mails during working hours?
Example: It is Sunday morning, and your fridge is empty. Where can you buy groceries on a Sunday?
Eat and drink
Example: You invite two friends to a cafe and have to pay a bill in the amount of 22,80 Euro. How much do you tip the waiter?
Example: The hostess says: „Please have some more meat!“ How can you politely decline?
Example: What are community colleges that you can find in many cities?
Money and banks
Example: How can you quickly send money to your family abroad?
Example: In Germany you can only get medicine at the pharmacy. How does the symbol look like?
Media and communication
Example: Where can you get a line for phone and internet?
Example: You have to go to the central train station, but don’t know the way. How can you ask for it?
Example: You are looking for an apartment. Do you have to bring your own furniture?

Every question is illustrated by a descriptive and current photograph.
Three different answers are offered as multiple choice. The correct answers, but also the wrong ones, are explained in the solution. You can track the points you have already achieved under “Highscores.”
The menu of „First steps in Germany“ is available in German and English.

The app „First steps in Germany“ is available for free download in Google Play and App Store.

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