Willkommen!!! | E-book

German with Willkommen !!!

German with Willkommen !!!
The practice-oriented German Language Textbook for Tourism now as e-book

Willkommen!!! Willkommen!!! | ©Goethe-Institut Indonesien

The Willkommen !!!

Textbook was initially created as a cooperative effort between the Directorate for Vocational High Schools and Goethe-Institut Jakarta. Further cooperative effort between SEAMOLEC (Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization, Regional Open Learning Centre) and Goethe-Institut Jakarta was undertaken to develop an e-book version.

Willkommen !!! is aimed at German teachers and students in tourism-related vocational high schools as well as self-study by those interested in the tourism industry. In addition, this textbook can be leveraged with a standard high school German language curriculum as a teaching supplement with a focus on practical use of German language.

Interesting for the teachers!

Willkommen !!! has modern teaching principles that will ease the process of learning German language:
  • directed for specific target group applicable at working place.
  • student focus
  • communicative
  • intercultural
  • practice-oriented 

Very helpful for the students!

The E-book offers a complete program for the teaching of German, either in a classroom or for self-study:
  • Audio content (Dialogues, Listening Exercises, Pronunciation Training)
  • Video content reflecting real-world situations in a tourism-related context (Hotel, Restaurant, Travel Agent, Sightseeing Spots)Intercultural tips
  • Learning tips
  • Glossary of German-Indonesian and Indonesian-German
  • Grammar references / Grammar Assistance
  • Self-tests for evaluation of the lesson at the end of each chapter
Supported by German Foreign Office