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Online Courses

Blick von oben auf junge Leute in einem Café. Auf dem Tisch sind Laptop, Smartphone und Notizbücher.
  • learn flexibly
  • live sessions with your tutor
  • practice interactively with your group

Our course offer

currently 100% online

Standard / Super / Superintensive Courses

  • focused on real life and practice
  • clearly structured
  • varied

Blended Learning

  • 50% online live sessions, 50% independent online learning
  • meet group and tutor in live sessions
  • interactive exercises on the learning platform

Online Group Courses

  • Flexible solo learning phases
  • Interact on the learning platform and in live sessions
  • High level of individual study time

Special for young people

currently 100% online
Junge Leute sitzen im Freien, haben Bücher und Tablets in der Hand und plaudern.

Young Learner's Courses

  • for ages 16-15
  • age appropriate learning methods
  • playful elements

Test our courses

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For further information, please contact us via kursus-bandung@goethe.de or WhatsApp +62 811 235 823.

Important questions

Any questions? WhatsApp: +62 811 235 823 We are here to help: kursus-bandung@goethe.de