Read Aloud and Discussion Book Club

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10 AM


Interactive reading on the Zoom platform

Leseclub introduces modern German literature, which is already translated into Indonesian as well as Indonesian literature which has been translated to German to local book enthusiasts. Together, we will read the works of Judith Schalansky, Cornelia Funke, Michael Ende etc.
The first edition of the Book Club will feature Momo, a book by Michael Ende published in 1973. The book tells a story about a young girl named Momo who has a better listening and perceiving ability than anyone. Momo is facing a challenge when “The Man in Gray” comes to her neighborhood and forces the people around Momo to make the most of “time”.
In this reading group session, the audience will take turn to read one part of the book and have a dialogue the read content. Inviting Hendarto Setiadi, who translated Michael Ende’s Momo into Bahasa Indonesia, the discussion will be guided by Meita Eryanti and Puty Puar from the ‘Buibu Baca Buku Book Club’ and the lecturer of the German Literature Department from University of Padjajaran to introduce the German culture implied in the book.

Registration is available until September 15th, 2021 through this link:
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For his future profession Hendarto Setiadi had the good fortune to have been born in Germany and raised in two languages. He has been working as a freelance translator since 1986 in German-Indonesian and English-Indonesian. He has already received a translation scholarship from the Goethe-Institut three times. In recent years, he has increasingly focused on the translation of functional writing. From 2007 to 2010 he was chairman of the Indonesian Translators Association Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia (HPI).

In the German Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB) Unpad, various basic German subjects are studied which include four basic language skills, namely listening, reading, writing, and speaking. At the advanced level, students of the German Literature study program FIB Unpad learn German-related sciences related to the fields of linguistics, literature, and translation.

‘Buibu Baca Buku Book Club’ (in Bahasa Indonesia literally means ‘Mothers Read’) is a book club & community for Indonesian women, especially mothers. They aim to empower women by improving literacy and critical thinking skills so they may never stop learning and growing. They also believe that good habits, good discussion and empathy should start with the family and the impact would last.
As part of the strategy, Buibu Baca Buku maximizes the use of digital platforms to build genuine connections among women. Their regular programs include educational digital content, book recommendation, reading challenge, online discussion, and webinar. They try to provide a safe space for women to learn from each other. They also collaborate with other communities focusing on literacy and women empowerment to spread the spirit and scale the impact. As a community, Buibu Baca Buku highly values continuous improvement, empathy, equality, inclusion, and non-discrimination. Currently Buibu Baca Buku has 600+ members and 21,000+ audience across platforms.