Kota Kita Nanti

Kota Kita Nanti © Goethe-Institut Bandung Kota Kita Nanti © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Kota Kita Nanti brings together local actors from the fields of art, design, environment, social sciences and technology to share their expertise in shaping current and future challenges. Over the course of three months, they built a network, shared their special skills and produced a publication with twelve perspectives for more sustainability and design in our daily lives. Each actor created an individual booklet, which will be continued by the readers. The design was created by POT Branding House in close cooperation with the actors. In the course of the process, the network grew and grew, and so we present Kota Kita Nanti with an exhibition, a workshop series and a publication in November and December 2021.

Kota Kita Nanti is a project of Goethe-Institut Bandung in collaboration with Keni Soeriaatmadja and Artati Sirman, Bandung Design Biennale and POT Branding House and the twelve local actors: Arekha Bentangan, Emeraldi Paramaeswara, Febryan Tricahyo, Gadis Prameswari, Grace Sahertian, Mei Suling, Misha Ahmad Azizia, Ratna Ayu Budhiarti , Reyza Ramadhan, R. Yuki Agriardi, Tarlen Handayani, and Yanuar P.F.