Launch and Showcase Launch and Showcase Kota Kita Nanti Publication

Kota Kita Nanti Talks © Goethe-Institut Bandung

Launch 16.12.2021 | 4 PM


A companion booklet and twelve interactive booklets for designing a more sustainable Bandung City

Twelve local practitioners from different fields—art, design, environment, social sciences and technology—came together as part of the joint project to design life in Bandung that is more sustainable. In the course of the project, we learned that collaborating with people from different disciplines comes with challenges when the objective is determining a workable consensus, middle ground and common goals. During a series of workshops over a period of about four months, we dealt intensively with the question of what Kota, Kita, Nanti (city, we, later) can be and how the methods and expertise of the twelve practitioners connect with one another to work towards the same goal in order to have an impact on our immediate surroundings and form communities. They present their ideas and their expertise in twelve booklets with the common goal of designing a sustainable Bandung in which social cohesion and a positive, safe atmosphere for collaboration prevail while ensuring equal opportunities and rights for all residents of the city.

The presentation of the publication Kota Kita Nanti represents the first step in spreading the passionate commitment and ideas of the twelve experts involved in this project for designing a more sustainable Bandung. The publication consists of twelve booklets and a companion booklet for the project. Each booklet offers distinctive opportunities for interaction that convey personal, vibrant experiences of Bandung and unique perspectives of the city. By sharing their expertise, each and every one of the twelve invites readers to take a fresh look at Bandung and cast a more critical eye at life in the city. In the framework of the festive launching event of the publication, those interested who have found a certain location in connection with Kota Kita Nanti can exchange their tokens/tickets for a copy of the Kota Kita Nanti publication.

Please follow health protocols, wear a mask at all times, and comply with the rules in place in Grammars.

Kota Kita Nanti is a collaboration between Goethe-Institut Bandung, Keni Soeriaatmadja and Artati Sirman, Bandung Design Biennale and POT Branding House as well as twelve interactive booklet contributors: Arekha Bentangan, Emeraldi Paramaeswara, Febryan Tricahyo, Gadis Prameswari, Grace Sahertian, Mei Suling, Misha Ahmad Azizia, Ratna Ayu Budhiarti , Reyza Ramadhan, R. Yuki Agriardi, Tarlen Handayani, and Yanuar P.F. With an exhibition, a workshop series and a publication in November and December 2021, Kota Kita Nanti brings together twelve perspectives on how to design a more sustainable life in Bandung.